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We are recruiting private tutors in London


What we do



Hire English tutors in London for SATs, GCSEs, A Level, and adult learners.



Hire Maths tutors in London for SATs, GCSEs, A Level, QTS Numeracy Skills Tests and more.



Hire Science tutors in London for SATs, GCSEs and A Level. Including Biology, Chemistry and Physics tutors.

History and more

History and more

Hire tutors for all other subjects, including History, Psychology, ICT, RE, Geography and more.



Hire a dynamic numeracy and literacy tutor in preparation for Key Stage 2 SATs.



Hire an experienced 11+ tutor to help with verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests.



Hire inspiring tutors to help mentor the youth and build their confidence for the future.



Hire a tutor to help with planning and researching assignments or coursework.

2000+ private tutors in London

Our private tutors are fully-vetted

Tutors include qualified teachers, Oxbridge graduates, MSc holders, Medical students and more.



Why choose our agency?


Every tutor is interviewed face to face, with credentials and CRBs verified. 

Low rates

Our rates are cheaper and paying for tuition is easier.

Just agency

Many of our best tutors only work for reputable agencies.

Free replacement

For your peace of mind, you can change your tutor anytime for free.

Female tutors

Hire a female (or male) tutor upon request for your complete comfort.

No tie-ins

You are not tied to any long term contract and can leave anytime.

Paying for tuition is easy

Pay monthly

At start of each month for previous month’s tuition by bank transfer

Cash option

You can take cash to your local bank branch and pay at the counter


Pay for the exact tutoring received and minimise payment disputes

No sign up

There is no need to sign up to anything or complete a form online


Our payment terms can be flexible to help you pay for tuition


Focus on learning and worry less about paying after each session

Clients we work with

Local authorities

Learn how we helped arrange an Arabic tutor to teach a looked after student on behalf of a London council.


Schools & colleges

Learn how our vetted private tutors in London can help inspire students to get the most out of their education.


Tuition centres

Learn how we connected ambitious private tutors to hundreds of students at tuition centres across London.


Satisfied clients

“They [the tutors] were very professional and friendly and interacted really well with my nephews, their parents and myself.”

Mr Ahmed in Tower Hamlets

“Deen Tutors has given excellent service since the beginning of my daughter’s tutoring sessions.”

Ms Black in Battersea

“I have been thoroughly impressed by the tutor… He has shown to be thoughtful and highly professional towards my son.”

Mrs Begum in Stepney

“I will dedicate the outcome of my results to my tutors because I honestly could not have done it without them.”

Mahfuj in Canning Town

“I’m very happy I contacted Deen Tutors… Truly outstanding and would definitely recommend them… 11/10.”

Fahim in Bow

“The teacher was very kind, professional… he kept on explaining until I thoroughly understood the work”

Masud in Shadwell

How it works


Tell us

Call us on 020 3489 0460, WhatsApp us on 07562 733 599, or complete our Requirements Form and tell us your tuition needs.


Tutor calls you

We allocate a suitable tutor for you based on your requirements. The tutor then calls you to discuss and arrange your first session.



Just begin your lessons! We’re always here to help whenever you need it. We will also email you an invoice at the start of each month.

Good to know

About us

We are an agency that connects tutors to families and organisations in London.


English, Maths, Science, Languages and more for Key Stage 1-5 and above.

Fast set up

We allocate a tutor for you the same day or following working day.


Pay by bank transfer at the start of next month after being invoiced by email.

Registration fee

Unlike other agencies, we do not charge a registration fee for using our service.

Online tuition

Most of our tutors are available to teach online via Skype. 

Tuition centres

All our tutors can teach at tuition centres across London.

Short-term lessons

We can provide tutors for fixed sessions. This is paid in advance.

Female tutors

We can provide female tutors upon request for your reassurance.


We advise giving at least 2 days notice. Rearranging is always recommended.

Contract length

No long-term commitment, just give us a week’s notice.

Hire a tutor

Fill in our Hire A Tutor form here or call us on 020 3489 0460.

Our blog

About us

Deen Tutors is professional tutoring agency that represents over 2000 private tutors in London. From top undergraduates to qualified school teachers, we connect families and organisations with leading private tutors in London. We cover a wide range of academic subjects such as English, maths, science (biology, chemistry, physics) in Key Stage 2, 3, GCSE and A Level.

Learn more about us or get in touch if you have any questions.