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We inspire the next generation to achieve and build the foundations for their future.

About Deen Tutors

Deen Tutors is a tuition agency that connects private tutors with learners seeking private tuition in London. We understand how tutoring is important to you, and have developed a service we believe provides exceptional value.

Firstly, our organisation is run by qualified teachers who have dedicated their entire lives to teaching and learning. Our collective expertise saw us develop a tutor recruitment policy that works for our clients and the 2000+ private tutors whom we represent.

Valuing our clients

Our experience in private tutoring spans over a decade, having supported students in Key Stage 2 SATs, GCSE and A level exams. The work we do involves building strong relationships with our valued clients by working tirelessly to allocate the most suitable private tutors, as well as being the reliable go-to point for all their tutoring needs.

So whether you seek an English tutor in Tower Hamlets or a maths tutor in Newham, we believe that our tuition service makes us the ideal place to access quality private tutors in London.

Vetted private tutors

We take great pride in our tutor vetting process. Indeed, half of everything we do is about recruiting and selecting the best private tutors amongst the countless who register with us.

By consulting with experienced qualified school teachers, we produced a tutor recruitment process that ensures our clients receive reliable private tutors in London. Whilst numerous agencies offer a form of online verification of their private tutors, we choose go further. We meet every tutor in person, retain copies of their IDs, academic certificates, CRBs (DBS), as well as get tutors to read and sign professional quality agreements that go beyond industry standards.

We recognise that phone conversations and email exchanges are simply not enough. By meeting private tutors and engaging with them in discussions about their skills and future ambitions, we are far better at judging their suitability for our clients.

Working hard for you

We want to you to be happy with our service. That is why our management of the tuition process sees us match learners with tutors even out of normal office hours, and sometimes well into the evening. This is our level of commitment to you.

For our clients, we recognise that not everyone is confined to office hours, so we make ourselves available round the clock for their convenience. That is why so many people choose Deen Tutors as their preferred agency, as we offer a proven way for families and organisations to take the hassle out of private tuition.

Our tutors are our bedrock. They are the engine that drives us forward.

Covering all subjects

We aim to attract private tutors in London who can teach English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, from Key Stage 2, 3, GCSE, to A Level. Our tutors are also able to support students in entrance exams such as the 11+, as well as Psychology, History, Law, Sociology, ICT, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Law etc. They also assist in coursework and proof-reading.

Whatever your tuition needs, we can be relied upon to allocate that perfect London tutor for you.

London areas

Whilst our private tutors cover most of the inner London areas include West London areas, our agency has a special focus on recruiting local tutors in East London, namely tutors from Tower Hamlets, Newham and Hackney.

So if you are seeking a female maths tutor in Tower Hamlets or a male science tutor in Newham, our strategic location allows you to connect with local tutors with ease.

Affordability and quality are the wings that keep us flying. We keep costs low and quality high.

Affordable prices

Private tuition is expensive and can take up much of a family’s monthly budget. We also recognise that many families can struggle to afford private tuition. This is why agency balances the desire for high quality tuition with the crucial aspect of affordability. We know that that hourly rates and quality of tuition can vary considerably from tutor to tutor, we therefore make it our goal to ensure there is consistency of affordability and quality in the tuition our clients receive.

Quality matters

To attract the most capable tutors across wide subject areas, especially for GCSEs and A Level, we have two pricing points. Our “Standard” tutor rate covers many GCSE and A Level English, maths, biology, chemistry and physics tutors in East and West London.

However, some of the most knowledgeable private tutors can only only be attracted by an even higher hourly rate. We therefore have a “Specialist” tutor rate.

Are you a private tutor? We recruit tutors all year round.