How to Pay





Pay at the start of next month

Invoiced every month

Payment for tuition is made at the start of next month by bank transfer. Each client is invoiced at the start of each month for all the tuition they received during the previous month. Therefore clients need not worry about paying for tuition every week, just wait to receive an invoice via email at the start of each month.


Invoices will be based on the tutors’ timesheets, which will have the clients’ (or an authorised person) signatures confirming each tuition session. Any amount owed will need to be paid by bank transfer, within 7 days of receiving the invoice.

Online banking makes it easier

Being an online banking customer can be a convenient way to make payment. However, if you are not an online banking customer, you can take cash to your local bank branch and pay from the counter.

Our bank details:

This information will be on the invoice we will send to you.

Use a payment reference

Clients should make sure they use the same payment reference throughout. We prefer the payment reference to be the full name of the account holder (the person who initially contact us for tuition).

Please do not use the student’s name as the reference, as the agency will likely not be familiar with such names, only the person whom we normally liaise. Furthermore, a client should not assume that the payment reference is not important and that we can immediately identify the payer; we cannot. The payment reference is replied upon by us to identify the payer and to update a client’s billing account.

Why no online card payments or PayPal?

From the outset, our agency decided to keep tuition costs low, and with this in mind, we had to do away with online card payments as well as paying over the phone. This is necessary in order to pass the savings of tutoring to our clients. Admittedly, other agencies do have this facility, however their tuition fees and commission rates are higher, which allows them to absorb much for the transaction costs.

Failure to pay the tuition fees

Strict policies for non-payment

The agency pays its tutors at the end of each month, and then recovers the monies owed from clients at a later date. This policy makes our tutoring service more efficient and is fundamentally based on our trust that clients will pay, and on time. Our policy for late and non-payment is therefore intentionally strict and we follow through it diligently.

Lack of communication from the client

Should we feel that there is a lack of communication from clients about outstanding amounts, or that we are not kept adequately informed about any progress, we will temporarily stop all current tuition.

7 days to pay for tuition

We allow clients 7 days to pay from the date they received the invoice, and failure to pay within this time may result in the client incurring late fees of £5 per day until their account is cleared in full. We will also stop all tuition during this time so a client does not get further into arrears.

Legal action against non-payment

If a client does not pay their tuition fees according to our payment terms, we will take legal action against them, which may result in the client paying for the tuition fees, our late fees, court costs, as well as other costs relating to our legal action.

The process of our legal action against non-payment

Our tutoring agency uses the Small Claims Court to recover monies from clients who do not pay their tuition fees. You can learn more about this service on the UK Government website. The following are the general steps one should expect when we use this service.

  1. We file an online application to the Small Claims Court.
  2. The client receives the official letter from the County Court and has 14 days to formally respond.
  3. If the client does not respond, a “judgement by default” is issued by the court.
  4. If the County Court Judge deems it appropriate, the client and our representative will attend an official court hearing.
  5. The judge may then authorise us to enforce the judgement, which may result in debt collection via bailiffs, or have the client’s bank account frozen.

Prior to court action, we take reasonable and professional effort to contact clients about payment. We do not take the court option lightly. However, sometimes it is necessary to do so in order to protect our private tutors and the integrity of our service. Our terms of service has our complete payment terms.

If clients genuinely struggle to pay for tuition fees

We understand families can find themselves in difficult financial situations and our agency does not wish to increase the burden. If clients are genuinely struggling to pay for the tuition they received, a payment plan may be discussed so the fees may be recovered over a period of time.