Your privacy is important to us. This section will explain our privacy policy, including the information we retain from you and how we use it. For our full terms, please click here.


1. “Deen Tutors” is the company Deen Tutors Limited and is also referred to as “DT” “our” “we” “us”.
2. “you” means “clients”. We view a client to be the person whom we originally speak to regarding tuition. A “client” can also be “the student” whom the tutor is expected to teach or teaches.
3. “introductory” means the initial connection between the client and the tutor.
4. “tuition” means any learning, teaching and advice given by the tutor to the student, parent or organisation.
5. “assignment” means the task allocated to the tutor, as requested by the client.
6. “families” mean anyone who requests a private tutor for anyone in their household. It also refers to individual persons or a non-organisation.
7. “organisation” means any person who seeks private tuition on behalf of an organisation, such as a tuition centre, college or school.

Initial contact

When you contact DT for the purpose of hiring a tutor, and upon consenting to having DT become your official agent for connecting you with private tutors, we may require the following information: a guardian’s name; email address; address where the private tuition is to take place; guardian’s mobile phone number; home telephone number; work telephone number; student(s) gender, as well as general details about the student. Sometimes we request the mobile number and email address of the student for better communication.

Where information are stored

When a customer (the client) contacts Deen Tutors (DT), information gathered during the phone conversation are first recorded on our written notepad. The information gathered will then be stored in our main computer system and Microsoft Cloud. For clients whom may have contacted DT via text or WhatsApp messaging, these are stored in our password protected organisation’s smartphone where only strictly authorised personnel are given access.

How we use your information

For the purpose of administering the tutoring process, the most relevant details are passed onto tutors, such as a contact number; address where tuition is to take place; email addresses; as well as general details about the student whom the tutor is to teach. We may also provide the tutors with information about your ethnicity, nationality, general religious affiliations or cultural background, should they become apparent to DT either explicitly or implicitly during the initial conversation. This allows DT to allocate the tutor most appropriate for you.

All email addresses (including first and last name of users) we encounter in our site may be used for future marketing communication. You have the right to unsubscribe, after which no further marketing communications will be sent.

We may be legally bound to share some of your details with police, taxman, HMRC, accountant (official agent) , Local Authorities, or other government agencies mandated by law to have access DT’s operations and documents.

How long we keep your information

DT retains all written communications for 2 years after first contact. All electronic information may be held with DT indefinitely, unless requested in writing by you for it to be deleted. Any requests for deletions depends on there existing no outstanding payments or disputes between you and DT, and that DT is satisfied that the relationship is such that we can confidently delete your details. Should there exist any doubt, we reserve the right to retain your details in our system.

Sharing your information

We never share your information with any organisation, person(s), either affiliated or otherwise with Deen Tutors, other than the necessary details, required to administer the tutoring process, as stipulated above.

Correcting you data and information

You have the right to have your data and information that we hold of you to be amended should they be incorrect. Necessary steps will be taken to make corrects in a prompt manner. DT will still hold the previous data and information of you on file.

Safeguarding data

DT take reasonable steps towards safeguarding your data. This includes storing computers in a locked premise, with full CCTV inside the building, as well as protecting computers and all electronic accounts with strong passwords. DT will not be held liable for data theft by criminals, whether electronic or otherwise.

Cookie Policy

DT may store Cookies in your computer for the purpose of providing a better experience. Certain plug-in our website uses may utilise such cookies for its operation. Our Facebook popup plugin uses cookies to know when user has visited the site once before to not “pop-up” for that user. Once a pre-set period has elapsed, the cookie will inform the plug-in and pop up again. You can delete all cookies stored in your browser by configuring your settings.