George Osborne to reduce life chances for Britain’s poor

George Osborne to reduce life chances for Britain’s poor

Lucky Gideon

Isn’t George Osborne lucky to have a multi-millionaire father pay for his elite education? Another question: how likely would it have been for Gideon, aka George, to make it as Chancellor without his Etonion background?

Highly unlikely.

We’ll throw in another question: what important job did George Osborne actually do prior to becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer?

The answer might surprise you. Straight after university, he was cushioned by his chums at the Conservative Party, and there he remained since. No real work experience, nothing to prove, never had to get by on his own – it’s nepotism through and through.

The vulnerable to suffer

Michael Field with the weeks food he received from the Food Bank Centre

Today is another blow to the poor. The Chancellor has announced his plans to cap benefits per household at £20,000 for families living outside of London, and £23,000 for those living in London. His plans will see a whole host of benefits slashed, as he claims, for the purpose of reducing the nation’s deficit.

It’s unfortunate that Britain, the 5th richest country on earth, is so willing to harm the life chances of millions of people. Has Britain given up on its poor? It would seem that way.

There are thousands of families currently living hand-to-mouth every day. With food banks opening across the country and school teachers supplying food in secret to hungry children, the last thing the government should be doing is taking away the very means for them to survive.

You might be of the persuasion that what the Chancellor is doing is a good thing, that no one should receive £20,000 in benefits for free. It’s a reasonable argument. Why should a family receive this amount from the taxpayer when the average worker is struggling to get by themselves?

To that we say, because the alternative is far worse. If we do not deal with child poverty and poverty in general, the life chances of millions of young people will reduce considerably.

Children’s educational attainment are closely linked with poverty, and if we’re not willing to deal with it humanely, we’re saying it’s okay for children to fall into the same cycle of poverty as their parents and grow up to become unproductive members of society. 

Another point to make it that large portions of the money the poorest receive in benefits actually go straight to some of the better off amongst us. Landlords receive the Housing Benefits money, and the poorest rarely ever see that money or have the choice to use it. This makes the benefits cap misleading to begin with.

Furthermore, a family living in a traditionally poor neighborhood, who suddenly see the surroundings gentrified by rich people moving in and raising the local house prices, of no fault of their own, will now have their basic means of survival reduced because of Tory policy. This can’t be fair. 

The government can help the most vulnerable if it so chooses and reduce the budget deficit at the same time. Instead of confronting the biggest players, such as the large corporations with flashy accountants playing loose with tax laws, they are instead picking on the weakest with no means to disagree or recourse.

In 21 century Britain, you have a cabinet full of millionaires, deciding over the fate of the poorest in our society. Today they did well to reinforce the perception that the Tories are there to protect themselves and if you’re poor, well that’s not the government’s problem, you’ll just have to deal with whatever’s coming to you.

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