Private tutors for councils, schools and tuition centres

It is increasing commonplace for schools to be hiring external private tutors to help boost students’ attainment levels. Getting outside help, as opposed to conducting after school sessions with the same teachers can be a powerful way of boosting students’ performances, especially those targeted for intervention.

Students have claimed to feel more enthusiastic about being taught by different teachers and are typically encouraged to show greater participation during sessions. If planned well, a slightly different learning environment can aid in the learning process.

From schools to local authorities

Deen Tutors is able to help schools, colleges, tuition centres and local councils connect with private tutors in London who are passionate in their subjects and eager to help students.

Our tutors are vetted to the highest standards and can provide references from recent clients upon request. We can further arrange for you to meet prospective tutors to be interviewed by yourselves.

So whether you’re tasked with organising a private maths and English tutors for after-school clubs at a school in London, or a work for a London borough who seeks private tutors for students in foster-care, we can relied upon to make the process as hassle free as possible for you. Contact us today.

Local authorities

Learn how we helped arrange an Arabic tutor to teach a looked after student on behalf of a London council.


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Learn how our vetted private tutors in London can help inspire students to get the most out of their education.


Tuition centres

Learn how we connected ambitious private tutors to hundreds of students at tuition centres across London.