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Private tutors for councils in London

Deen Tutors works tirelessly to provide local councils with effective solutions for their tutoring needs. Our child safeguarding policy effective and our commitment to it permeates throughout our organisation.

If you are looking for private home tuition for students who may be looked-after, those with mitigating circumstances that have left them home-bound, or for any other situation, our tutoring agency can offer a professional tutoring solution for you.

As an example of how we operate, below is a case study of how we connected Islington Borough Council with an Arabic tutor for a looked-after student in their care.

Case study: working with Islington Borough Council

What they asked

In February 2016, Islington Borough Council phoned us about a looked after student who needed Arabic tuition.

We were asked to provide an Arabic tutor with experience in teaching Arabic at a secular level to younger children, as well as with an impeccable academic record in Arabic language.

The council requested the following:

  • Enhanced DBS Disclosure
  • CV and profile
  • References

We were informed that once the information is provided, it would be reviewed by a senior team before proceeding with the tuition assignment.

What we did

Shortlisted potential tutors

After carefully discussing the nature and scope of the Arabic tuition with the council representative, we set out shortlisting potential candidates for the tuition assignment.

It became clear early on that one candidate’s suitability stood out from the rest; a female British-born native Arabic speaker with an A* in GCSE Arabic, A in A Level Arabic, and with experience tutoring Arabic to children at centres and students’ homes.

Obtained relevant documents

We contacted the tutor, who had shown immediate interest in the assignment. We asked her to provide us with an amended CV geared towards Arabic, which was emailed to us within that day. We then provided the tutor with a reference template so we can obtain a detailed reference on her behalf – which we did. The tutor contacted the carer to introduce herself on the same day her candidacy was approved by council officers.

Maintained constant communication

The entire process, from the moment we were contacted, to the time our tutor began tutoring the student, had been conducted with utmost professionalism, with relevant departments being informed about the progress at every stage.

If you are from a local authority or council in London and tasked with finding a suitable private tutor from a reputable agency, contact us and explore your options today.