Our first blog post, and we’re already on Michael Gove.

Our first blog post, and we’re already on Michael Gove.

With so much happening in education right now, we thought it was only natural that our opinions became known, so we started a blog.

We have strong feelings about the direction this government is taking this country and have been bottling it all up inside. Well, these feelings eventually need to come out, and with this government’s policies impacting so much on young people’s lives, it’s never too late to shout about it online.

Being in the education sector, we listen to students’ concerns about the rapid changes being made. The stories we hear have become all too familiar and seem to echo a larger sense of disillusionment with education in the UK. Hence, the purpose of our blog is about our young people, and how we can make it better for them.

This is what we’ll cover:

Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan

gove morgan

We’ll try to keep things civil with Michael Gove, but then again, he didn’t really offer any to teachers and students. We’ll try to. Nicky Morgan may have replaced him, but we’re under no illusions; he carries a lot of influence, as was demonstrated by convicted hypocrite a few months ago. You can’t make this stuff up!

Life in east London


Swanlea School pupils.

Tower Hamlets is our home, and is also home to some of the poorest families in the UK. Paradoxically, its schools have churned out some pretty impressive results in recent years.

How to guides

We have strong links with excellent tutors, school teachers, and other skillful people who would love share a few tips and ideas with you. 

About the news


A blog won’t be much without its fair share of criticism of the current news, so we’ll make sure there plenty of those.

That’s it folks, our first blog post is basically about what we’ll do, so here’s to hoping we’ll actually do it!

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