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You represent us

Tutors are our most valuable resource who will be representing themselves, as well as our organisation.

What we want

Below are some key qualities we feel demonstrates the kinds of attitudes that are relevant for the tutoring role.


Tutoring jobs in London

Recruits private tutors across London is something we do all year round; it half of everything our agency does. If you live in any of the following boroughs, then apply with us for a chance to join our tutoring agency:

Barking & Dagenham
Kensington and Chelsea
Tower Hamlets
Waltham Forest

Your borough not mentioned? Contact us to see if you can still apply or consider becoming an online private tutor by stating this on your application.

Qualified teachers and trainees

Tutoring jobs for qualified teachers

PGCE qualified teachers, Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT), or Trainee Teacher? We would like to work with you to provide our clients exceptional tutoring service. You can learn more about potential tutoring opportunities here.

Undergraduates and graduates

Whatever your academic background

Most of our private tutors are not qualified teachers but highly motivated and professional undergraduates and graduates with a passion for teaching and learning. If you are an undergraduate, even in your first year, you are welcome to apply to our agency. We recognise that no two tutors are the same and each person can bring something positive, so apply today.

Hourly rate & payment

Our tuition market

Predominantly catering for the lower to medium end market of the tuition industry, we carefully considered our pricing policy so that it is fair to clients and tutors in London. It is possible to determine the amount tutors are likely to be paid by viewing our pricing page, bearing in mind our agency’s commission will be included in this rate.

A higher rate

Some of our clients may be introduced to higher calibre private tutors and hence receive the “Specialist rate”. Although there is no set criteria for what qualifies a private tutor for this; it really comes down to the difficulty of a subject, a tutor’s qualifications, as well as a client’s ability to afford such a rate. Nevertheless, whilst we appreciate that many tutors can charge considerably more than our published rates, we recognise that there are many tutors who do accept our rates, and it is those tutors we wish to work with.

Agency’s commission

Tutors are charged a commission that we believe is reasonable. The rate of commission is determined on a case by case basis and can range from £5.00-12.50 per hour. Please be advised that our agency’s commission is not usually up for negotiating since alternative tutors may likely accept our initial rate offering.

How we pay

Payment is normally made on the last day of each calendar month direct to their bank account without deductions. There is no deduction for Tax, National Insurance or Student Loan Repayments – only our agency’s commission – which is deducted from their pay prior to transferring payment. All tutors are emailed an “Invoice Statement” that details the pay and the agency’s commission for the month.

Independent tutors

It should be noted that all tutors are working as independent contractors and will need to administer their own tax obligations by registering as self-employed with HMRC. Please contact HMRC for further details. We can recommend our partner accountancy firm who can provide an efficient and cost-effective way for filing your accounts for self-assessments. Please get in touch for details.


Subject knowledge

Understanding of your main subject is vital, especially on the core subjects of English, Maths, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) whether this be at Key Stage 2, 3, GCSE or A Level standard. Furthermore, our agency caters for tutors able to teach Psychology, Sociology, History and Modern Foreign Language.

Knowledge of curriculum

It is paramount that tutors are familiar with the UK’s education system, and have the competence to research the specifications for each exam board. A tutor must be able to adapt to students and their learning styles, as well as show a determination to research tutoring strategies independently.


Be respectful

All tutors will be judged on their professionalism. For us, it means being respectful to one another, courteous, having discretion in situations, giving benefit of doubt to others, not getting angry or displaying combative attitude, expressing oneself in standard English. These qualities need to be expressed in all communications, whether online, written, via the phone or in person. Our agency has a zero tolerance on disrespectful behaviour towards our staff or the clients we represent.

Use Standard English

Whilst we appreciate that tutors have their own personality and this will come across to our agency’s staff in their communications, we would like to reiterate the importance of using Standard English when communicating with us. Using slang or communicating in “street” might seem normal when communicating with friends and family, especially when via WhatsApp or text, we nonetheless prefer tutors to maintain a degree of professionalism at all times.

Reply back to our messages

You should reply back to us fast, even unsure about the client being offered to you. By ignoring an email, text or WhatsApp message, it will likely result in your application being permanently removed from our database. Tutors who are not keen on taking on a particular client should tell us, since tutors are allowed to decline clients.

Responsibility towards students

Tutoring throughout the academic year

Any tutor who wishes to remain with us must agree to continue their tutoring even during their own studies. Requesting a replacement tutor so close to a student’s exam is unprofessional and harms a student’s confidence and emotional well-being. Therefore we only accept applicants capable of juggling their own academic studies with their tutoring responsibilities.


Term-time tutoring

We play the long game. Families and organisations expect a tutoring agency to commit to them throughout their education. That is why we rarely recruit tutors who may only be available during the summer, and then stop as soon as the summer is up. If you are a reliable private tutor in London able to tutor throughout an entire academic year, then we would like to hear from you.

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