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Parents in your community are looking for PGCE qualified teachers to help their children get ahead in life. Will you step forward?

Demand for PGCE qualified teachers

There is a huge demand for qualified teachers in London. Parents across London are expressing a desire to hire PGCE qualified teachers as private tutors for their children. Even though residents of east London are amongst the most economically deprived in the UK, yet they are amongst the most resilient.

East London achieves

Children up and down our boroughs, most notably in Tower Hamlets, are achieving phenomenally at school. With overall school performances having turned around dramatically during the past decade, young people are now being given a better chance in life than other students in other deprived areas. Qualified teachers in east London it seems are having a positive impact on our young, and it is these qualified teachers whom we seek to join our agency as private tutors.

PGCE Qualified Teachers Recruitment

Stats about qualified teachers


Clients requesting you

Many of the parents we speak to specifically request a qualified teacher, even if that teacher is a teacher trainee. Many parents prefer this to a non-qualified but experienced tutor.


Faster response from us

We receive countless tutor applications per year and it becomes impossible to get back to everyone. However, qualified teachers are contacted faster by us, usually within a fortnight.


Stay with our agency

Every registered qualified teacher has been retained by us. This is due to the positive relationship we foster. We are flexible and able to accommodate every demand of our teachers.

Develop your subject knowledge, increase your teaching range, and enhance your career as a teacher. How does that sound?

Tutoring varied sets

Tutoring allows you to focus on students individually whose abilities may range from the very lowest to the very highest. This range offers teachers the opportunity to develop their subject knowledge by revisiting those contents they may otherwise risk forgetting.

It is not uncommon for a teacher to receive less than desired classes at school, whether during or after their PGCE course. We have seen how newly qualified teachers are given few top set classes, with the bulk of their students consisting of lower to middle sets. This means teachers are unlikely to teach A and A* (G8-9) grade topic areas at significant depth, often resulting in them forgetting or losing the fluency in vital topics areas.

Expand and retain your knowledge

Due to practical limits in teaching time, even if a teacher teaches top set students, not all exam style questions or techniques can realistically be explored. On the other hand, private tutoring allows teachers to continuously and sufficiently retain their subject knowledge, as well as knowledge of key exam techniques.

Many of the students who contact our agency are high achievers who desire to attain the highest possible marks. These students gives our teachers the freedom to explore topic areas at far greater depths than what they will be used to at school.

Tutoring allows you to supplement your income by as much as 25% just by what comes naturally to you. Is that a good reason to join?

Transparency at the heart

Our payment policies are transparent, and unlike other agencies, we allow tutors to negotiate directly with clients to get a better rate for themselves. What is more, we do not deduct income tax, NI or student loans from your pay, so you receive 100% of the money you earn.

We recognise that finance plays an important role in deciding whether to begin private tuition. With cost of living increasing, and a teacher’s role including a greater array of non-teaching activities for the same salary, private tutoring allows teachers to use their skills to increase their salary considerably.

Understanding our market

The vast majority of our clients come from low-income families trying their utmost for their child which is the reason why the hourly rate we typically charge a client reflects this context. We try our best to be fair, and this is why we are one of the few agencies around that allow tutors and clients to directly negotiate on the rate, so both parties are satisfied.

Agency commission

Our agency commission is always made clear before deciding to take on a student. All our tutors are paid at the end of each month or the first working day of next month. Every penny owed to our tutors is paid without deductions. Since qualified teachers are very popular amongst clients, expect to receive many students from us and potentially earning as much as £800 per month*. In our experience, our qualified teachers end up requesting to stop receiving further clients, due to reaching their maximum capacity.

Join our growing network of qualified teachers

Mr. Uddin (qualified maths teacher, east London)

“I’ve been tutoring for Deen Tutors from the beginning. They have had a positive impact on my life. I can honestly say that I am respected by them and my wishes are taken to consideration. They have given me a steady stream of clients and have paid me without issues every month like clockwork. It’s easy to work with them and I would definitely recommend any tutor to Deen Tutors.”

Ms. Arbi (qualified maths teacher, Walthamstow)

“Deen Tutors provides excellent and convenient connections between me as a tutor and potential tutees. They are fast, effective and efficient, as well as helping to fit your tutoring schedule around a busy lifestyle. Would recommend any Qualified Teacher to join them.”

Mr. Hassan (qualified maths teacher, East London)

“I think it’s a great way to make some extra income on the side. Deen Tutors are very efficient in bringing in new clients who are not too far away from you. Best thing is, I arrange all my clients according to my own schedule and the flexibility is ideal. The clients I’ve come across have all been very friendly and accommodating too!”

Ms. Jahan (qualified science teacher, Brick Lane)

“As someone with a passion for science, chemistry in particular, the prospect of actually teaching the subject that has impacted lives and held in high regard all over was amazing. Becoming a qualified teacher is certainly one of my life’s highlights and I am committed to bringing the best out of every learner. However, the downside to teaching in a school setting is the lack of opportunity or choice in teaching the topics we enjoy. This is where Deen Tutors most benefited me. The professional and fair approach of the agency enabled me to fully engage with the subject of my desire through tutoring learners who are both highly motivated and full of potential.  The joy I have derived from my tutoring is perhaps greater than when I am teaching whole classrooms. No doubt, this is partly because of the ease of working with Deen Tutors and the flexibility that tutor-tutee relationship carries when teaching key ideas. One to one is the best way to learn and I feel teach if one wants to do and be the best. I do not hesitate to recommend Deen Tutors to Qualified Teachers and have spoken highly of this agency with all my teacher and non teacher friends.”


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Quick answers

How much will I get?

The prices shown on our websites are only meant as a guide. The actual rate is decided when the client and you discuss your tuition together.

Qualified teachers receive a minimum of £20 per hour for lower-income clients, £30 per hour for less cost-sensitive clients, and even £35 per hour for high earners. We ask tutors to negotiate with clients directly, being mindful that many clients will struggle to afford tuition if the rate is too high.

How and when do I get paid?

The agency collects payment from clients and pays tutors at the end of each month (or the first working day of next month). Tutors are not allowed to handle cash payments directly from clients.

Can I choose the areas I prefer to work in?

The agency will only give you tutoring opportunities in areas that you prefer to work in. So if you want clients only in Tower Hamlets, then that is fine by us.

How does your agency make money?

The agency charges a commission of £5 per hour for most clients. Tutors are made clear of the agency commission when they are briefed about a new client. So the agency will typically charge a client £25 per hour, and after our agency commission of £5, the tutor receives £20.

Do I have to take every tutoring job you provide me?

The short answer is no. Tutors have the freedom to accept or not accept a client when a new client is presented to them. However, we ask tutors to be careful when considering to accept a client, as the tutor will need to display professionalism throughout, including staying with the client throughout their academic year.

What subjects can I teach?

Whilst tutors from various academic background can register, our agency maintains a strong focuses on the core subject areas, such as English, Maths, Science up to A Level standard.

Can I only teacher students of the same gender as me?

Yes. We can provide you students from the same gender as you, for example if you only prefer female students, then that is completely fine.

Do I bring in my own resources?

Remember, the agency is only a go-between the tutor and the client. The agency does not provide any resources or teaching materials, so everything is on the tutor to ensure a lesson is well planned and resourced.

How do I record turoring sessions?

All tutors must record their tuition in our timesheet. After every session, tutors must present the timesheet to the client (or an authorised person in the household) to sign it. During the last session of each month, the client must further complete the “Client’s declaration” section.

So what happens after I register?

After you register, we will assess your application within 14 days. We will then contact you so you can be formally registered as a tutor with our agency.

Are you ready to join our agency?


* monthly income depends on numerous factors, including but not limited to: the quality of tuition provided, popularity of the tutor, tutored subject’s demand, location of tutor, ease of traveling by tutor, availability of tutor, willingness to accept clients, willingness to teach A Level, positive relationship with agency.