Are you an undergraduate and looking for a flexible, part-time job as a private tutor in London?

Private tutors who are undergraduates are arguably the unspoken gems of the tuition industry. Our agency has found them to be amongst the most eager tutors, who possess the highest level of can-do attitude.

You may be interested to know that many of the tutors who are in their final year of their studies, or have recently graduated, had in fact joined our agency whilst in their first year of university. These tutors had been provided with a steady stream of clientele whom they have served throughout their time at university.

Our agency seeks to identify the undergraduates who are reliable and with the right professional attitude, so we may work with them for the long term.

What we look for in undergraduates?

So what exactly are is our agency looking for in an undergraduate private tutor? Notwithstanding the criteria provided in the become a tutor page, but with respect to undergraduate tutors – especially those in their first years – we look out for the following:

  1. Minimum A or A* in the GCSE subject(s) they wish to teach
  2. Minimum B grade in the A Levels of the subject they wish to teach at GCSE level. If they wish to teach GCSE mathematics, they must have achieved at least B grade in A Level maths.
  3. Minimum A grade and be enrolled in an undergraduate course related to the subject they wish to teach at A Level.
  4. Their application must demonstrate the proper use of punctuation and grammar. Their verbal communication with us should not incorporate any form of slang, but use standard, business-like, professional English.

English, Sciences and mathematics

If you are a private tutor in London studying towards a degree in the following subjects, or related subjects, you are more likely to be accepted by our agency:

  • English, Comparative Literature
  • Bio-medical science, Biology, Chemistry
  • Medicine, Dentistry
  • Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical science
  • Mathematics, Physics, Engineering
  • Primary Education

As you can see, our focus are on the “hard” subjects. This is what our clients demand from us and are recruitment policy reflect this requirement.

So if you feel you can make it as an A Level Biology tutor in London or an A Level Chemistry tutor in London, perhaps you are more inclined at being a tutor for year 6 SATs primary level, whatever it is, then we want to hear from you.

Become a tutor today!