Top 5 curries only Bengali mums know how to cook.

Top 5 curries only Bengali mums know how to cook.

Make no mistake, Bengali mums are the queen of curries. The head chef of your local Indian restaurant may be a Bangladeshi man, but even he goes home to eat the delicious curries cooked by his mother, sister, or wife.

Two generations of British Bangladeshis have grown up enjoying their mothers’ curries that has given them comfort, a sense of identity, and most of all a satisfying stomach.

Whilst an Indian curry can be cooked by anyone, there is a level of uniqueness in the taste when it’s cooked by mothers of traditional Bangladeshi origin. So as a tribute to their awesomeness, we’ve listed our five most tastiest Bangladeshi dishes.


5. Maas-di-aloo

This French sounding masterpiece roughly translates to “fish with potato” in Sylheti-bangla and is a delight to anyone desiring the subtle tastes of spice and fish. Best enjoyed with Rohu or Ayer fish, the various shades of yellows and its distinctive aroma make this dish unmistakable.

fish potato


4. Hukti Sheera

A watery curry of dried fish with a seriously strong kick. Loved by Bangladeshis (and Asians generally) the world over, it’s typically cooked with spinach, lotha and a lot of chilies! If you were to walk past a window in a mainly Bengali neighbourhood and smell something that’s strong and indescribable, yup, it’s probably a Bengali mum in the kitchen concocting a Hutki Sheera.

hutki sheera


3. Isa Bhunna

An all time favourite shrimp curry that is cooked with spice and served with a variety of vegetables. The texture of its sauce is usually thick, complementing wonderfully with the soft feel of the shrimps. Some prefer to keep the legs of the Shrimps, but we prefer to have it without.



2. Dail-di-chicken

Now we’re getting to the Bengali’s equivalent of fish and chips. A chicken curry that can satisfy even the most wanting of stomachs; it’s brilliance lies in the combination of traditional chicken curry with Dail (that’s “lentils” or “Daal” for the common folk). Add a bit of pickle on the side, a piece of naga pepper, and you’re brain’s giving off endorphins to remind you of life’s little pleasures.

Chicken curry wih dail


1. Goos-di-hatkhora

Just thinking about it makes us crave for it! It’s a meat curry with a strong lemon-grapefruit type awesomeness that works together to produce what is arguably the most delicious, filling, and intense Bengali curry that exist today. Best enjoyed with extra hot naga pepper and a dollop of Patak’s hot pickle.



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