Trojan Hoax: government caught with its pants down.

Trojan Hoax: government caught with its pants down.

Since the Common’s Education Committee’s own investigations revealed that there was no evidence of extremism in the Birmingham schools back in March, yesterday out of all days, the government decided to publish its official response to it.

Maybe the government saw an opportunity to maximise its impact given the wave of deadly attacks around the world the previous day? Maybe not, but we’re definitely inclined to believe it.

Upon reminding us of the Committee’s conclusion that it found no evidence of a sustained plot, it immediately went on to say: This downplays the seriousness of events in Birmingham and risks undermining our efforts to tackle extremism.

Seriously? How does a conclusion, brought about by an independent investigation, conducted by a cross-party body of MPs, five of whom are Conservative, somehow undermine the government’s efforts to tackle extremism?

Would they have preferred the Committee skewed the results to propagate a different narrative? tut-tut.

It then went on to claim the moral high ground by displaying a bit of sympathy for those school children impacted by all this. This is rather disingenuous, given that it was the government that whipped up the media storm and revelled at it for weeks on end.

We find it telling how the government’s response wasn’t concerned very much with the lack of evidence to claims of extremism from both reports, Peter Clarke’s and the Committee’s, but to continue to infer its own fantasy by using inflammatory and wishy-washy language.

We must all remember, that the letter that started this fiasco is now regarded, almost universally, to be a fake. A fake letter that caused a huge furore.

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